Thunder and Spice
 Songs from the Sea and Shore
"...and it's one day we''ll go sailing, Oh you, my Love and I - we'll take us down to the water, where fair the waters lie."

We encourage clapping, stomping, singing along and song requests from the audience - making our show a different experience every time. 

Thunder and Spice are perfect for:
    • Festival Strolling Minstrels
    • Pub Sing-a-Longs
    • Stage Shows
    • Customize to Your Event

  When you come out to see Thunder & Spice, you will hear good music, learn a little something and
have a lot of fun!

Thunder and Spice love to sing and harmonize traditional Celtic, Renaissance, Seafaring, American and World folk music with theatrical flair and a bit of history thrown in!

    Years of music and theatre experience make this performance group extremely versatile:  t
hey will perform in modern or period dress, customizing their costumes for your specific occasion.


Leave us a message at
or call us for more info at 919-218-7589

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